Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Christian Grey Casting

50 Shades of Grey Trilogy Books For FANS Facebook page is wondering if these guys could truly convey a PERFECT Christian Grey.

Ryan Gosling is Christian Grey had this to say about Part 1: I love what you wrote about Ryan, but I am all in with Fassbender.  There is just something about that man that would make it believable that he wants to do bad things to you!  I love Gordon-Levitt as well, but think he would look funny in blue contacts (he's so gorgeous as he is).

I am anti-Somerhalder...don't get me wrong, he's attractive, but at times I think he is "fugly" and does NOT get my panties in a twist!

 What are your thoughts?

And now, on to part two!

Leonardo DiCaprio (37)

I used to not be a fan of Leo in the early days.  Not cause of his acting, but because of his look.  He just seemed pretty girly to me in those "Titanic" days.  But he's all growed up now, pushing forty, and deliciously scruffy.  It's no question on his acting chops--he can handle pretty much anything you throw at him.  And I would love to see how he would handle Christian Grey.  I think he'd be smashing for the job.

Christian Bale (38)

This dude is gorgeous, a method actor, and we all know he can play sinister, or a rich playboy with a dark past.  What if Bruce Wayne didn't have a batcave but a hardcore BDSM sex room?  Oh I kid--I kid the Batman! [And "The Dark Knight Rises" is seriously perfect, and if you haven't seen it, go see it now!]  But yeah, now that I think of it, I'd put Bale right up there with Fassbender in terms of being able to execute this perfectly.  Well, he'd be my number two, if I absolutely have to rank them, but flip a coin, folks, cause it'd be win/win either way.

Idris Elba (39)

And another person of color!  I have to say, Idris is quite impressive.  Plus he's British.  Sorry, ya'll, but I will totally be biased when it comes to a sexy, British accent.  Christian could be black and British, right?  Anyway, the man has serious swagger, and can wear the shit out of a suit.  If you haven't seen "Takers," go watch it and get back to me.  He'd be a totally new and different Christian Grey, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't be a fabulously new and different Christian Grey.  Oh Idris...you need (and deserve) more lead roles.

Michael Rosenbaum (40)

First, it was so effin' hard to find pics of this man with hair in a suit not smiling.  As you can see, I was unsuccessful.  But that's cool, cause Rosenbaum is awesome!  He was the reason I watched Smallville every week, and when he left, I just said, "Fuck it."  He too has experience in the rich playboy department, but what he also has that most actors don't, is the ability to play both villain or the hero, the angst and drama or the comedy.  He can go from one end of the spectrum to the other side and back, and you bets believe ladies, he will take you for a ride.

Mark Wahlberg (41)

Mark Wahlberg is another actor like that.  Dude, have you seen "Fear" and "The Other Guys"?  "The Departed" and "Ted"?  Mark can play cool, sly, goofy, over the top, scary--pretty much anything.  And he's another one whose face just looks naughty.  You know that man would not bat an eyelash at a spanking.

I don't actually "know" this obviously, but he just gives off that vibe to me, and I mean that in the best of ways.

Gale Harold (43)

Another one who doesn't care about nudity...holy shit, this dude is hot.  Brian Kinney was most definitely in the vein of Christian Grey (if not leagues better), or rather the original Christian Grey.  I put Gale on this list not only because I know he could play the role with great success, and not only because he's so damn fine, but also because I want to see this guy in more acting gigs.  He totally deserves it.

Alexis Denisof (46)

Oh Alexis...he's got the baby blues and the goods.  This man can play dark and angst to a T.  If you don't know or don't believe me, then you clearly haven't seen the later seasons of Angel.  I kind of feel like elements of Christian Grey may have been derivative of Mr. Wesley Wyndham-Price, actually, now that I think of it.  True, he didn't have a sex room, but he enjoyed the use of handcuffs, role play, and kept a woman in a closet that one time as a slave (albeit, not a sex slave, cause eww).  Alexis is also another actor who I want to see in more lead roles, and has a talent that is grossly overlooked.

Keanu Reeves (47)

Keanu, I think in a lot of ways, is underrated.  There's this perception I think of him being all Ted (from "Bill and Ted's Bogus Adventures") in every film he's been in.  It's just not true.  Gotta say, I fell in love with Keanu in "Speed," and all over again in "Constantine."  He can also wear the fuck out of a suit, and seems to be quite passionate.  All my opinion, of course, but I think he'd make a great Mr. Grey.

Brad Pitt (48)

This casting would never happen, but Brad Pitt is one of the best damn character actors out there.  From "12 Monkeys" to "Interview with a Vampire," to "SE7EN" to "Inglorious Basterds," Mr. Pitt has quite the range in his body of work (much like Johnny Depp, who didn't make my list because I just can't see him spanking anyone.  LOVE Johnny, but I don't read naughty from him).  Playing Mr. Grey would be like tossing fish in a barrel for this guy.  Not to mention the pretty (cause duh).  Plus, he may have some personal experience...but I shan't speculate.

James Marsters (50)

While's he's definitely entering into the Filf stage arena, I can't say I have a problem with that.  Nope.  James too is a method actor.  You really do believe him in the moment.  He can make you laugh; make you cry; and make you hot.  Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or nothing.

Anyway, he also (sadly) another highly underrated actor who I wish to see in more [lead] roles, and preferably on the big screen.  Not to mention the part where he can play bad/kinky/naughty, but with heart.  There is never just one note to the characters he plays (most notably) Spike.  James has the uncanny ability to look at a script, read for the villain, give him heart, and make the audience fall in love with him.  Hey, he's built his career on just that very thing.

Also the cheekbones.  If Christian Grey didn't have razor sharp cheekbones, then he should have, by gum!  Also, Marsters is at the top of my list, with Bale and Fassbender.

Tom Cruise (50)

Oh Tom...he hardly gets slack these days.  But more on that later, for I have a post dedicated to the awesomeness of Tom Cruise.

Tom is another one of the view who can play romantic comedy lead or whacked out homicidal villain.  Cruise's performance can bring you to the edge and back (and, for the record, he totally got screwed out of an Oscar nod, let alone the Oscar itself for "Collateral").  He's short as shit, but he has such a commanding presence onscreen, and that (to me) is what the actor whoever portrays this role will need--heart, layers, and presence.  Tom too has got the goods.  And the baby blues (I really didn't know that eye color would be such a huge deal in casting, but as I've learned from my first post, apparently, to the 50 Shades fans, it's a big fucking deal to get that tidbit right).  I don't think they're necessary to have a penetrating stare (though they don't hurt--a fan blue eyes myself).  But whatever actor is chosen, I hope, has the talent to play the role, regardless of looks or eye color.

That being said, I don't believe any of the guys I've mentioned aren't easy  on the eyes.  So, what say you, readers?  Thoughts?  Comments?  Would anyone care for an Ana Steele Casting post?

Oh, and honorable mention goes to: Shia LaBeouf (26).

He looks kinda Christian Bale-ish here, doesn't he?
He has the acting chops (and delicious hair), but he looks to young to play the role, in my humble opinion.  If I could age him up three to five years, then he totes would have made my list.



  1. Gale harold!! I totally agree with you, he is such amazing actor who needs to show up more! He's perfect for doing Grey!

  2. I think it would be a perfect role for Gale, and put him into the spotlight he very much deserves. Thanks for commenting :D

  3. Totally agree! !! Gale Harold Would Be Perfect As Christian. When I read the books he is the first to pop in my head. ..so hot..he can pull of the good boy bad boy demeanor without even blinking an eye. Would look soooooooo hot in "those playroom jeans" a little hair dye, colored contacts..hmmmm

    1. Gale Harold needs to be in more roles point blank. He is an incredilby talented actor with smoldering good looks. Seriously, someone put that man to work, please!

      Thanks for commenting ^_^

  4. Totally agree! !! Gale Harold Would Be Perfect As Christian. When I read the books he is the first to pop in my head. ..so hot..he can pull of the good boy bad boy demeanor without even blinking an eye. Would look soooooooo hot in "those playroom jeans" a little hair dye, colored contacts..hmmmm