Monday, September 22, 2014

Wizard World Shenanigans and Meeting David Boreanaz

Note: Sorry for the delay.  I wrote one version and it got accidentally deleted, so I had to start all over.  Maybe this one turned out for the best.

Mild anxiety attack.

Didn't know he had been doing autos first, so I got in line for the photos early.  First dozen people or so were in front of me, which I figured was good in case the line got rushed near the end.  The only trouble was I was so effin' nervous.  With a bit of effort, I was able to get my dumbass Wizard World wristband off (it was hot pink--eww) so it wouldn't ruin my photo.  There was a strict no touching policy, and I let nerves get the best of me.  I usually don't listen to that crap--I ask the talent directly what they're comfortable with.  But I couldn't think, as this was my first time really meeting him.  Oh sure, I'd seen him ten years before, but it was in a q&a session across several rows of people.  This was going to be for reals this time.

I got there, smiled at the gorgeous hunk of man who looked well [marginally taller than me, but not as tall as I thought he'd be], thinner than I anticipated, with an aged face, but aged with grace.  We leaned into each other for the photo, and right before the click of the camera, I said, "I waited ten years for this."  He said, "Aww, really?" and then the camera flashed.

He turned and looked at me.  "Man, can you imagine if we'd done that during the picture?" all the while smiling that brilliant Boreanaz smile.  I was totally dazzled and charmed, smiling as he kept talking while the lady running the line was yelling, "Next.  NEXT!" doing her best impression of the Soup Nazi.  And though I wish I had remained unfettered as it was David totally talking to me, and not the other way around, I said a quick, "Thank you," and scurried off like a huge lame.

This was not the Jill I'd become, but the Jill from days of yore, perhaps.

Had David reduced me to my adolescent self?  Perhaps.  Whatever the case, afterward I felt incredibly giddy, with a slight inclination to cry.  Verge of hysterics?  Maybe.  But I definitely wasn't on m flowers/overly hormonal, so I have no idea.  It was a foreign feeling to be sure.

I spent the better part of that weekend proposing a crusade for an Angel panel, as they had not only David, but J. August Richards and James Marsters there as well.

It started with James.

(start at 25:18.  Also, sorry for the quality--well, I'm not responsible for recording it, but I wish I had recorded my own version D:) :

I just adore that James.

Then, it was the J. August panel.  I didn't actually get to ask him anything at the panel, but someone else did.  Sadly, the footage cannot be found.  I thought that there would be one person who would post his q&a in its entirety.  Instead, all I have is this crappy highlights portion of the panel found here.

At any rate, J. August was totally down with doing an Angel panel, and immediately sent a tweet out about it and tried to get it trending.  He is an amazing guy (and taller than I thought he'd be). Really cool, down to earth, and frankly?  Inspiring.  He's said some prolific things at these panels and I love hearing him talk.  I hope great things are on the horizon for him.

Also?  Was my second time meeting him.  I had actually met him the month before at the EW party in San Diego.  I was in costume at Wizard World, so he didn't quite recall me (I don't think), but was curious about how I got into the party, as he had a very difficult time entering himself.

Me: "But you're famous.  You're walking around with your face and stuff."
J.: "I know!  But they asked for my ID and everything.  Had to pull up stuff on my on my phone to get in."
Me: "That's crazy!"
J.: "Tell me about it!"

My partial Maleficent costume. Or "Magnificent" as I was calling myself.

Finally, my question to David (start at 5:37):

So yeah, that sucks.  But I saw a pic of him and J. later on, and a pic of J. and James at the airport on their way to Chicago.  But all I really wanted was this:

Maybe one day.  Maybe one day...


Later, I saw him in the auto line, in which I was second.  I gave him an Angel pic to sign, and I apologized for like, I don't know, harping on it.

Me: "I know it's been ten years and that you've done other stuff since then, but that show had such an impact on me."
David: "That's wonderful."
Me: "I feel like such a nerd."
David: "You're not a nerd."
Me: "I just feel awkward and lame talking to you about Angel."
David: "Don't say that.  You're not awkward and lame.  I'm glad you loved the show so much."
Me: "Thank you.  So great to finally meet you."

And then I shook his hand.  I wish I had said more or something profound...but yeah.  Mental regression.  Maybe if I see him again, I can act like a normal adult-aged person.

Michael Rooker

The first celeb I saw on the first day there was Michael Rooker.  I was walking the dealer room early (for VIPs), and there were scarce few people about, and I saw three men walk past--one with a hat on who brushed past me.  I didn't see his face, but I heard his voice--it was Michael.  

I didn't say anything, as he seemed to be in a hurry.  The next night, however, I saw him at my (or our) hotel.  He was taking pics with a few fans, but by the time I got up to him, he told me that he had to run as he was on his way to dinner.

Michael: "But you can have a hug, darlin'."

I gave him a hug, and he said, "Ooh!" and hugged me back.  It was a nice hug.

About fifteen minutes later, I saw him on the lower level, and it looked like he was dodging people.

Michael [sotto voce]: "Shh!  Come here, quick!  And get your camera out!"

I came over quickly with my two friends to take pics with him.

Michael: "I didn't mean to be rude earlier.  It was just too many people around."

He took pics with all three of us, then asked us which direction was the quickest exit, and headed off.

Evan Peters

Good lord, he seemed like such a kid.  Terribly quiet and shy...cute, but just so damn young.  He seems older through the screen.

Sebastian Stan

Good lord, is he fine.  He had his nose down 95% of the time, concentrating on signatures.  His line was hella long, though.

Anthony Mackie

[Picture not found]

His line, while not as long as Sebastian's...yeah, he didn't have the time for a photo.  He seemed nice, but a stickler for rules, which was fairly lame.

Shawn Ashmore

Nice guy, but I wish I had talked to him when I saw him at the hotel (for free).  He liked my costume though, and that was cool.