Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Diary of a Fangirl: Miley Cyrus' Grotesque VMA Performance

There are many articles popping up (such as this one), stating that Miley Cyrus is privileged and shouldn't be using aspects of "black" culture.

Here's what I think: I have to say that I don't like the idea that those particular things are associated  with black culture.  Sure they're part of some kind of culture--ghetto culture or ratchet culture--but not black. 

Oh Robin--how in the blue hell did you let yourself get roped into this grotesque and pathetic performance?

As a black woman, I reject that as an image of black people.  If Miley wants to let her tongue hang out and look ratchet and stank as hell, it only makes her look like a fool, and I for one feel sorry for her, not offended that she's privileged and wandering into "black" culture.  She just looks pathetic, IMO, and to many others. I don't think anyone sees it as her treading on black culture, which is why I hate articles like this. Like that whole thing when "video hoes" were considered degrading to all women.  Uh, no they weren't.  They were a certain sect who felt comfortable being objectified, and do not represent the rest of us.

And to say that she's acting/dressing ghetto "...without having to deal with the racism and racialization that black women live with every day. In short, she can imagine that she is being "ghetto" without having any concept of what living in a ghetto would really mean."  Well damn, I'm not from the ghetto either with no substantial experiences of what it is like to live in one.  And you know what?  There's a whole lot of black people who don't have those experiences either.  Know what else I don't have an experience in?  Being ratchet. Let Miley have it--I'm not going to petition for that. I'm also not oppressed by that.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Diary of a Fangirl: Ben Affleck is the new Batman

Ben Affleck has signed on to be the new Bruce Wayne.  Or at the very least, he'll be donning the cape as The Dark Knight.


When I saw the ending of "The Dark Knight Rises," and the clever way Nolan went about incorporating Robin without calling him that or putting him in tights, and then giving him the keys to the Batcave, I had such great high hopes for Joseph Gordon-Levitt rising Batman out of the ashes and watching over the city.  It was such a perfectly perfect set up.

And now this.

I couldn't bear to watch "Daredevil" all the way through...and unlike many, I do think that Ben Affleck can act, if given the right project.  He's grown so much as a writer, director and actor over the years, and I look forward to great things from him.  I just don't feel that this will be one of them.

However, I didn't have hopes or believe in Nolan's casting of Hathaway as Catwoman either, so maybe this will work.  Not the way I want it to by any stretch of the imagination, but maybe it won't be terrible.  Hell, there's not a damned thing I can do about it anyway, so might as well wait and see what happens.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Diary of a Fangirl: Breaking Bad Final Days

I saw the season premier yesterday, and also watched Breaking Bad: Talking Bad.  One of the things mentioned is will Walt be killed in the end, and will he have to kill Jesse?

Here's my take:

* Walt can't/won't kill Jesse.  Jesse knows that Walt had Mike bumped off, and Walt desperately wants him to believe otherwise.  We've seen Walt be on the rag many a time with Jesse when he was angry/frustrated/ego tripping, but we've also seen Walt kill for Jesse.  He was jealous of Mike and Jesse's relationship, of the controlling relationship between Jesse and...damn, what's her name?  All I got his "Apology Girl" at the moment.  Jane--right.  He poisoned a little boy to get Jesse back on his side.  He fell into a deep depression and took pain killers on the eve of Walt Jr.'s birthday because of a fight he and Jesse had.  Walt will do anything to keep Jesse by his side.  He finally even called him "son" in this season premier.  There's not a snowball's chance in hell that Walt will do anything to hurt Jesse, and I love him for that.  Damn near everyone else is expendable except for Jesse (and his kids and even Skyler).

* If Walt is to die, I feel like it'll be by Jesse's hands.  Jesse is the only one who can touch him.  I don't think he really will though...but if he did, I could see it.  Only cancer or Jesse will be able to stop Walt.

* I think the ricin is for Hank, sadly.  No effin' clue about the M16, though.

* Instead of "Remember My Name," I feel as if that promo poster should be "Say My Name," cause that was a bad ass moment and monologue last season.

* I don't think the title Breaking Bad is a reference to Walt becoming the villain...I think it's a reference in a break in the system, as well as Walt.  It has to be about the deconstruction of evil-doings.  It was always the intention for Walt to do a 180 and become a Scarface/Kingpin kind of guy.  So what needs to be broken then?  The evolution, that's what.  In the flash-forwards, Walt looks unraveled and unkempt.  He seems to be going to last resorts.  His family is gone, his home is gone, and his anonymity is gone...That's what the true "break" is about.  Like how the mobster lifestyle is presented in "Goodfellas" from start to finish.  You think it's about one thing, then it evolves, fades and deteriorates (literally) into something else by the end of it. Even the color grade changes to signify the reality of the situation.  "Growth, decay.  Transformation."  We've seen Walt in a decay state for some time now.  This season is about transformation.  Hell, he's even wearing mostly white now in all of his scenes.  What will he ultimately change into?

So excited about this season.