Tuesday, July 14, 2015

[Finally] Meeting Joss Whedon

This year was my fourth or fifth year at SDCC, and every year, I've managed to see Joss Whedon in passing. Usually after the EW party, but always somewhere.

The first time I saw him at the con was going by in a pedicab with Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk. Bit of a whir, but I did see him.

This year, he had his own panel in Hall H (the place I basically lived in all days of the con), and it was the first time I got to see him for an extended period of time in person. Great panel, and ended with Joss receiving an icon award. He got kind of teary and more or less fled the stage after thanking everyone. I didn't know about the award, but I was going to hand him something after the panel, but the opportunity never presented itself.

 Later that evening, I saw him preparing to exit a party. By the time he came out the door, he kind of went in a whirlwind--took two fan photos, and was gone before I could get to him. But, I knew I had one last chance, as he was staying in my hotel. I sat in the lobby, waiting, and waiting, then I finally had to use the loo. I figured I wouldn't miss anything; it'd be quick.

I return, and I ask one of the girls standing in the lobby if anyone had shown up.

Girl 1: Oh, just Joss Whedon.
Me: OMG! WHEN!!?!???
Girl 2: Like two seconds ago.
Girl 1: He was headed for the elevators.

In spite of my feet feeling kind of numb from standing and walking around in heels for four hours, I made a mad dash towards the elevators. I hope I looked like an elegant gazelle, but...anyway, he was taking photos with two fans, which, thank the heavens, slowed him down.

Me: Joss, please can I take a pic?
Joss: Sure.
Me: Oh, thank god!  I've been trying to track you down for some time now.
[Joss smiles at that]
Also, I wanted to say you totally deserved that award and you've inspired me since like age eleven, and it's an honor to meet you.

He smiled and looked touched by it. "Thank you," he said. He reached out his hand after his wife took the pic, and I felt embarrassed cause my hand was wet. Still, it was a glorious moment. I just wish I had one of my The Good Soldier handouts to give him, or a "Hire Me Joss!" sign.

Damn it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


One of the first posts I made on this blog was about my going to the "Magic Mike" premier.  I didn't love it.  There were a lot of things that were very problematic, and the only bits I cared about were of Channing Tatum dancing.

But "Magic Mike XXL," well...Channing's body and its movement are still very much magical, but there were some other nice bits along the way. Here they are in no particular order:


It's rare for me to say I'd want to go and get the soundtrack to a film, but man, did this one harken back my old school, as well as push all kinds of buttons.  Like muscle memory or something.  Er...I mean nostalgia.  No really--awesomely awesome nostalgia.  Nine Inch Nails.  112.  D'Angelo.  And of course, the classic that is "Pony" by Ginuine.


Jada slayed it, plain and simple.  I wish they had had a flashback of her character with Channing, or a sex scene of those two.  Instead, we got a sensuous "hello" kiss and a whole lot of stares.  Anyway, her character was intriguing, sexy, and had personality.  Another thing which the first film lacked.  The leading lady in that one was dull, and had way too many [undeserving] closeups.  Barf.  But Jada!  Omg -



I'm not a fan of Matt's dancing.  He's stiff, and in the first film, I referred to him as the "[Lady] Boner Killer."  Part of the premise of this film, however, are the guys being entertainers and doing what they love as opposed to what they know.  Well Ken?  Ken sings.  And he sings quite well.  It's a wonder Bomer wasn't in a boy band in an early point of his career (er, he wasn't right?).  Not gonna lie--it was surprising, and a bit of a turn on.  He didn't kill this lady's boner, by gum!

*kidding/not kidding


Along with Jada, there's Danny Glover, Michael Strahan, and an entire scene dedicated to black women enjoying some strippers.  Particularly a nice sequence with Channing.  What I would have given to be one of the featured extras who he danced on.  Or breathed on.  Or looked at.  I think Channing makes me easy, ya'll.

Still, even though they needed a script doctor (I couldn't help but think of Tarantino whenever they would have a long, talk sequence), I didn't feel compelled to fast forward through chunks of film like I did with its predecessor.  This film was solid.  I really need to see it again, and get it on DVD asap.

Ocean's 11 moment

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jurassic World

Going into this film, I had the idea in my head that the magic from the first film would be impossible to capture [ever again].

And I was right.

But, even though I was totally right, it doesn't mean that this film was bad.  In fact, it was great.  It ended up being like, a movie orgy of "Romancing the Stone" and "Predators" with "Jurassic Park."  Well, I guess that sounds more like a threesome than an orgy.  Anyway, there are throwbacks and direct mentions and odes to the first film, and that is what definitely elevates the film.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt make for solid and interesting leads.  There's something pixie-ish and womanly about Bryce, and the camera loves her.  The best part is that she can act.  Chris is rugged and funny, and I can totally see why he was nominated to be [the next] Indiana Jones.  I still no way in hell want there to be a next Indiana [at least not directly--Jr. or a nephew or a neighbor or something, fine], but I can see it.  There chemistry wasn't electric--more on the "meh" side of things, but it was enough to kind of/sort of buy it.

And then, there are the dinosaurs.  And nature.  And there are moments as we the audience view the tours of the park--like kayaking with Brachiosauruses  drinking along the riverbanks, or driving as the...other herbivore dinosaurs [whose name escapes me] run along side the vehicle.  For a moment, I thought, "I want to go to there.  Er, if those were the only animals part of the tour.  Cause duh, trapped on an island with a slew of carnivores who are my size or much, much bigger?  HELLLLLLLL no..."  But yes, it made me briefly lament that Jurassic World (well, parts of it) wasn't real.

And then the musical score--they basically stole the sheets from "Jurassic Park," and played with my nostalgia through my ears.  Manipulative, but effective. 

The characters who you know will die--well, no spoilers but, how they die is a bit more shocking than anticipated... They really go for the kill in this one.

In short, I would totally recommend seeing "Jurassic World."  Three stars and two thumbs up from Fangirl.