Sunday, June 2, 2013

Diary of a Fangirl: The Original Character Meme

Hey gang,

Sorry it's been awhile.  It was a hiatus that snuck up on me.  But I'm back now.  Should have some good movie reviews coming up--I'll be attending a couple of pre-screenings.  Additionally, I had this interview while I was away, so at least I've been semi-productive.

I'm working on my next book, and a buddy of mine gave me this great meme to explore characters.  Now, let me introduce you....

The Original Character Interview Meme

 Pick an original character from any work you choose, then answer the following questions in character...

 1. Care to introduce yourself? The name's Nic. I'm a near billionaire megalomaniac, apparently. The "apparently" is for the megalomaniac bit. Personally, I would just call it superiority.

2. Job or Occupation? Let's just say I'm a very successful entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry.

3. If you had a vacation, what it'll be? Not much time for those as of late. There's always work to be done.

4. If you traveled in time, what history would you change? That's tough. My past has made me who I am, but some of it's pretty...I think I'd want my childhood back.

5. Look! A mecha that looks kinda like you! *points to the mecha* Huh. Now there's a handsome son of a bitch.

6. What are you going to do with it? Reprogram it to to adhere to my will if it isn't already.

7. Fwoosh! *throws the character's favorite food on their face* *Takes a napkin and wipes face calmly* The citrus port cherry sauce on these roasted duck breasts are bound to stain my custom button down. But mostly that China plate it was served on hurt my face. But don't worry your pretty little head over it--you'll be paying for that when this is done.

8. What's your favorite music genre? Scattered across the board, but I do have a fondness for grunge and Cobain.

9. What is your favorite mythical creature? Given the world that I live in, it's hard to think about myths. And for the record, all of our creatures are created by good ol' fashioned science. No myths required.

10. What's your favorite musical instrument? Let's just go with a certain type--strings. There's something deep, and intense and sometimes sexual with string instruments. Especially a viola.

11. What's your favorite weather? When it's storming outside. Easier to think around then. The rest of the city grows quiet because no one likes to be out in the rain, especially when there's thunder and lightning. But it doesn't bother me.

12. Do you believe in... Santa Claus? *stares coldly* You're really testing my patience here.

13. Look at the person on this mirror! *pulls in a mirror, which shows the Opposite Version of the character* This, is the anti version of yourself, from another universe! So the Bizarro World does exist. Congrats, Larry David. And Jesus, what a disgusting, little troll of a man you have there.

14. Have a cake! *cakes the character with a big cake that contains the character's favorite flavor* *grabs cake before it can be thrown at him* Homemade cream cheese icing. Haven't had that in ages...Yellow cake with cream cheese icing. That's... *grows deathly quiet and looks away*

15. What's the worst and humiliating thing that happened to you? *sighs* You know, I spent a lot of money forgetting those things. But...I'd have to say it was when I was in that juvenile detention center, which is just a nice way of saying kiddie prison.

16. If you had a pet, what it's gonna be? A dog, probably, but I'd prefer to not have any kind of emotional attachments, thanks.

17. What's your favorite song? "Heart Shaped Box."

18. Who's your favorite artist? Depends on what type you're talking about. Cobain was an artist. But, for a bit of variation, let's go with Escher.

19. What will you do if you found a treasure chest containing treasure? Depends on what type of treasure it was, I guess. But it's not as if I need the money. So it'd have to be something unique and rare in order to capture my interest. I apply this same rule to women.

20. What creature have you always wanted to be? I'm fine with being an extraordinary man, thanks.

21. Here's another mirror! *pulls in another mirror, which shows the Steampunk Version of the character* This is the steampunk version of yourself, from a universe of the age of steam! Are you high?

22. Do you believe in someone or something? No. I'll leave all that altruistic crap to the "heroes" of the world, thanks.

23. Want me to end this meme now? I was actually about to cut it short myself.

24. Ya sure? Positive.

25. Then tag someone before you leave... via cannon!!! *shows a fancy cannon aiming to an open window, which leads to a large, comfy mattress* I would, but work--it calls me.


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