Monday, January 7, 2013

Diary of a Fangirl: Deception

I'd been looking forward to Deception for quite sometime now.  The promos several weeks back, and after this pilot, the show tentatively has my attention.

The show starts out like a Law & Order: SUV ep, with a young woman hurrying to her car because someone is following her, only to look up and see that it's someone she knows.  The viewer doesn't get to see this mysterious man, of course, and she invites him in.  The next scene is of the woman dead with a beat up face in a flea bag motel.

Enter the dead woman's [Vivian's] former BFF Joanna, a cop who's been out of touch for the last seventeen years.  There's something shady about Vivian's family, so much so that they're under intense FBI investigation.  Joanna's former partner (and one week boyfriend) asks her to go undercover and investigate the family.  After a few vehement "no's," she agrees.

During the course of this [limited] season, I suspect that Joanna will get in too deep with the people who used to be part of her extended family, and may even find herself in bed with her former lover/Vivian's brother/possible killer.

For now, I'm going along for the ride.  The teaser for next week's episode looks to be promising.

Notes: The casting for flashback!Joanna is awful.  They didn't even try, and I find the flashbacks distracting because of this.  Also, I think that Joanna's hair could be better matched with her hair piece...just saying.

Also, Victor Garber--happy to see him on the screen again.  Also, this just may end up being like Alias, but with less spy stuff.


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