Friday, January 25, 2013

Diary of a Fangirl: Whedon World--the boy band

So, I can't even recall how this idea even started, but I had the thought that there should be a boy band featuring some key players from Whedon's television 'verses.

ETA: Okay, I do now recall how this started and snowballed into this--I made a comment that I thought Nick Lachey looked like a bootleg David Boreanaz, which lead me to think that David in fact should have been in a boy band, and...

Thanks to Tammy for the lovely [fake] CD Album cover.

What started as a joke has now fully evolved into the plot bunny for a film--a spoofy thing based on boy bands of yore--NKOTB, N*SYNC, Backstreet Boys, etc.  But let me make this clear--not a parody (ala 2Gether), just...a re-imagining of the bands that have already existed.  Like "Dreamgirls" was for The Supremes.

The film would be about a band who was huge in the early to mid 90s that grew up and broke up, and find themselves in the entertainment industry like bits of flotsam.  Something is missing.  They end up on various reality shows or do shitty spots on TV.  And then, one of them comes up with a grand idea of a reunion, playing on the hearts of their old fans who love a bit of nostalgia, and reclaim their throne in the music world. Or something.  There'd be drugs and sex and bromances and misunderstandings.  It'd be sweet.

Nicholas Brendon would be the Joey McIntyre character--the young heart throb all grown up.

James Marsters would be the token blond (and he can actually sing).

J. August Richards would be the token black (which doesn't exist in boy bands, but it totally will in this film. Plus he can really sing).

David Boreanaz would be the sexy bad boy.

Christian Kane (also a real singer) would be the sweet, [Southern] gentle one, who could have been the young heart throb, but was too old for that part in the band.

Alexis Denisof would be the one who doesn't sing much, but is basically in the background to look good--like really good.

Yes, this is totally what I do in my spare time.


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