Monday, February 18, 2013

Diary of a Fangirl: Cult

So, they're finally starting to show commercials for this on the CW.

I actually saw the pilot episode at SDCC 2012, and made an extra effort to do so due to the fact that one of the writer's is a former teacher of mine.

I have to honestly say that I was not disappointed.

"Cult" is...I'd have to say it's like "The Following," but with a supernatural element to it.  Technically, the cult shouldn't exist--it's a television show that is somehow becoming more real by the day.  The pilot definitely got my attention, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this series goes.  Here's hoping it doesn't get axed like a lot of other great shows this season.

Additionally, it features Robert Knepper, who does justice to creepy characters!

"Cult" premiers tomorrow night on the CW at 8PM central.



  1. Oh and Jessica Lucas is in it. Interesting. I'll give anything Knepper is in a try (at least once).

  2. I'm not sure who Jessica Lucas is, but Knepper was on it!