Sunday, February 3, 2013

Diary of a Fangirl: Half Time Show with Beyonce

I'm not a sports gal, but I did stick tune in to see the Half Time Show with Beyonce and Co.

Note: I'm glad I caught the opening and saw Jennifer Hudson sing.  I will never get sick of her voice.  That being said, how sad it was for Alicia Keys to follow a Jennifer Hudson power house performance.  They should have just had JHud sing both songs...

Beyonce had a lot to prove with this performance, given the fact that she lip synced at the historical second inauguration of our President.  And she did...

She did okay.  Maybe I'm just a tough critic, but I just wasn't wowed by her performance.

Additionally, I thought it was weird that when she brought her two former girl group mates on stage, that they had Michelle in the ugliest version of what should have been a sexy outfit.  She looked dowdy and out of date next to Beyonce and Kelly.  Which is odd, since she is the thinnest of the three.

At any rate, if you missed it, then you either didn't care about the Super Bowl or its Half Time Show, or aren't a Beyonce fan, in which didn't miss much.



  1. Okay I just saw the half time show and I have to say it is clear that the mics from Kelly and Michelle aren't as loud as the one from Beyonce. I think she just can't stand that the other two can sing as well and this was about her and not Destiny's Child. It's sad because I think they would have made a great show....

  2. Yeah, and she dismissed them from the stage like dogs...I'm not even sure why they were even up there.