Saturday, February 23, 2013

Diary of a Fangirl: The Next Bond. James Bond.

So, there's going to be this 50 Years of Bond thing going on The Oscars tomorrow, and there has been talk about who would make a great next Bond once Daniel Craig steps down.  Well, I have some ideas....

Idris Elba

Idris...what can I say about Idris?  He's gorgeous; he's suave.  Idris has that walk.  I think he would make a most brilliant 007.  Sadly, this suggestion will be labeled under "pipe dream."  I don't think they'll go for a black Bond, sadly.

Michael Fassbender

Michael has those...intense stares.  My concern about him is that he's a bit on the short side for a Bond, but I have no doubt that he would do the role justice all the same.  Plus, Money Penny's black now, and Fassy digs the swirl.  I ain't mad about that, nope.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Okay sure, he's American, but if there's any good looking man in real life who gets all the women in a believable manner, it's this dude.  He's tall, good looking, and a great actor.  I think he could fake an accent...

Tom Hiddleston

He's manly, tall, handsome, and looks good in a suit (one of the main requirements for this role).  He also has charm--Bond is (and I'm referencing Connery's Bond directly) had wit coupled with his suave demeanor.  Daniel Craig lacks this, in my opinion.

Additionally, Christoph Waltz must play a villain.  No, it just has to happen.

Honorable Mention: Clive Owens


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