Saturday, December 22, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Christmas Films to Watch

So, there are a slew of Christmas films, but I'm going to share with you the best films to watch for the holidays.

"Scrooged" is a classic, in my opinion.  A modernized spin on an old classic with Bill Murray.  I seriously doubt the awesomeness of this adaptation can be recreated (properly).  It's not only okay to watch for the kiddies, but good for the adults.

"A Christmas Story" A cult classic that will more than likely run all day on TBS [though I own the DVD].  This Christmas tale follows Ralphie, his home life, his school life, and his quest for a BB gun.  The film didn't do so well upon release, but is beloved by many today.  I saw a snippet of the musical a week or so ago on The View....yeah, just stick with the original film, folks.

"Bad Santa" is crude and rated R and stars Billy Bob Thornton.  But, like a lot of Christmas stories, it is a tale of self reflection, discovery and change.  No, really.  This film, come to think of it, is like an inverse of a Scrooge tale.  Thornton's Willie is a thief, a sex addict, and a drunk (and apparently, Thornton was actually drunk during filming).  Brilliantly done film.

And finally, my number one pick, "It's A Wonderful Life."  The black and white version, folks.  Something that Jimmy Stewart actually fought for for all black and white films to maintain their integrity.  I agree.  "It's A Wonderful Life" is a funny, witty tale of George Bailey, who has hit rock bottom and contemplates suicide.  An angel takes him on a special journey to show him a world without him in it, and boy is it rotten.  Don't let the suicide attempt/contemplation fool you--this is still child friendly.  There are also a ton of great lines that would go over a child's head and that the parents (if they're quick) will get.  This film was also not well received upon release, but is a wonderful classic today.

Note: I think there should be a "Festivus" movie with the Costanzas.  I'd pay to see that.


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