Monday, December 17, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1

Well, I just did a marathon of The Walking Dead, and, well I have some ponderings...

*I kind of ship Daryl/Michonne

*I know Michonne slew Penny out of revenge, but someone had to put that girl out of her misery.

*How come every time a new black character with lines is introduced, the old one dies?  Should I refer to them all as Neo?

*Wasn't expecting Lori to go, though I'd been longing for her ending since mid s1.  That being said (and this was probably pre-PMS hormones), I shed one, lonely tear, like one of those sad clowns, when Rick heard the news and fell out.

*I don't know how Daryl and Merle's relationship can be sustained, what with Merle being a fucking bastard and all, trying to kill Daryl's new family.

*What's with all the looks between Beth and Carl?  Isn't he like 12?

*Will Carl morph into Shane part two if Beth talks to that new kid who's more her age?

*Carl's kind of getting that Michael Corleone effect, isn't he?  I'm waiting for a scene where he just drops a gun to the floor, purposefully.

*The Governor...I take it he has a limit to how many males can live at his base.  What an asshole.

*Will Andrea side with her old gang or her new piece?  Hmm...Of course we have to stay tuned, but I'm betting on the former.  I wager that Rick and the others will take over the little town (which means that the Governor's number will be up soon).

*Glenn somehow became fucking awesome.  I thought he was going to sit the chair leg on that walker's eye, but how he killed him was a bit of alright as well.

*That new guy Allen looked like a bootleg Rick to me...I'm not sure what to make of that.

Well, I think I might go do a marathon of True Blood next.  Any recommendations?  What else should I be watching?


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  1. Funny observations. They have definitely improved Glen in the television series. Considering his fate in the comics, I hope they keep this trend going and avoid all of "that"...I highly suggest you check out Misfits. Although the latest season leaves much to be desired, seasons 1-2 were full of awesome. Dexter is another good one and is coming to a close next season.

    I gave up on True Blood at around season 3 or 4. I have a love hate relationship with that show. I love Rutina Wesley and Nelson Ellis, but the overall show...*gags*

    THE BORGIAS...if you see nothing else...Francois Arnaud in leather pants is worth the price of admission!