Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: "Thor" and "My Own Private Idaho"

Okay, most of these will be bullet point random thoughts, and I combined them because they do have something in common...I wasn't expecting that, of course--just a bit of happenstance.

Here goes...

*Both films deal with rejection of love.  Mikey searches for his long lost mother, while Loki searches for acknowledgement from his father.  Also they're both broody and moody fellows.  Scotty and Thor are rebellious and vibrant and full of life, and will leave their brotherly counterparts behind, eventually.

*Didn't buy the Portman/Hemsworth "love" at was kind of an annoying side note.

*Loki was desperate for the love of his adoptive father.  Desperation never leads to anywhere good.

*This was the first film of River's that I've ever seen (excluding "The Last Crusade").  I am impressed by him, and look forward to seeing more of his work.  Shame the list is so short.

*I don't think Thor was going to sacrifice himself for Jane, so much as he saw that as his purpose, the one thing he could do, and maybe do something to redeem his past and rash deeds.  Also because it was the right thing.  Ah, martyrdom.

*This film is another spin of Shakespeare's "Henry V", much like "My Own Private Idaho," which I watched right before "Thor." Huh.  Keanu [Scotty] would have made for a good Thor.  A coming of age story.

*I have to say I was totally rooting for Mikey/Scotty.  Also, Mikey was way prettier--insanely so--than Scotty's twu luv.

*Thor's "death" was his version of growing up.  Only then, after feeling like a nobody, loss of purpose and his mighty hammer could he realize what was truly important.

*Loki's story was more interesting.  But then, a villain's story typically is.  They have more layers, and they keep you on your toes in regards to what they will do next.  Something good?  Something bad?  Something evol?  Who knows.  Must be why some of my fave characters are antagonists/former antagonists. [Note: Tom Hiddleston auditioned for Thor, but was requested to play Loki.  Interesting...]


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