Monday, December 3, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: JGL as Batman

Well, I can't say this is a shock, but I also can't say that I'm unhappy about it.  In fact, I'm tickled pink.

While Joseph Gordon Levitt's reps have denied this rumor of JGL portraying Batman in the upcoming/budding Justice League franchise, saying that it was just a ruse to drum up sales for "The Dark Knight Rises" (which is out tomorrow; must. HAVE...), at the end of Nolan's Batman trilogy, this is exactly the fate of the character Detective Blake at the close of the film.

Frankly, I called it when I saw this little sequence. 
I'm thinking they'll update him to the Batman with the red logo emblazoned on his chest as opposed to Bruce Wayne style (guys, I don't know comics, and I think the Batman I'm referring to was named Terry, but it's just a theory at any rate, and Detective Blake definitely won't be Robin.  Well, he kind of played the role without a suit in TDKR, so I think he's gonna be upgraded and soon).

I think we'll know more if we stay after the credits of "Man of Steel," due out next summer.  Or, maybe they won't wait until the end ala Avengers style, and merely insert a scene somewhere throughout the duration of the film.  Either way, I'm excited.


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