Sunday, September 23, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: 64th Primetime Emmy Awards

So, for today's blog, I'm going to watch the show, and post comments on Twitter as it happens, then immediately post these highlights (i.e. archive the tweets) and thoughts when it's over.  Hope you enjoy!

Okay, this Emmy opener is odd, but hey--Kathy effin' Bates!

I totally dig Ellen giving Jimmy Kimmel some pants, though.

Jimmy Kimmel just went political on the #Emmys.  Nice.

I like Jimmy Kimmel.  He was funny at the Flavor Flav Comedy Central Roast, and he's doing great so far tonight.

Jimmy Kimmel makes "fat pants" joke.  Winning!

I felt the comedy mashup was kinda weak, honestly...

And Eric Stonestreet wins for "Modern Family." Never watched this show.

WTH? Amy Poehler and Will Arnett SPLIT?? Say it ain't so, @OKMagazine :/

There's something adorable about Jim Parsons, but I still can't get into Big Bang...nah.

Omg, Breaking Bad/Andy Griffith crossover!!  Best fan fic idea...would love to see that, lmao.

Matthew Perry seemed slightly stoned, but I'm sure that was part of his bit.

Wow.  Kinda love Melissa McCarthy. Great delivery.

Jon Cryer was totally gonna cry when he won.  Aw, that was sweet.

Stephen Colbert anti War on Women. Good to know :P

Yay Julia Louis-Dreyfus!! Haven't seen the show she won for, but I'm sure it's awesome.  Loved the speech switcheroo!

Hang on, reality TV gets a category/mention? When the crap did this happen?

Omg, hate Family Guy but LOVE Seth McFarlane... So gorgeous.

Hey, that #DWTS host was pretty funny.  Tom Bergeron, right?

I know Claire Danes is pregnant, but her dress looks like a yellow sack thing.

YAY AARON PAUL!! Who apparently got kicked out of his parents' home like Jesse (but for different reasons).

Tracy Morgan's suit is all sparkly and ill fitting.  I dig it.

Omg, Tracy Morgan just passed out on stage at the #Emmys!  Turn ABC on nao!

Wow, did I really just tweet that for Jimmy Kimmel?  Yeah, I did.

Hayden Panettiere's dress is really gorgeous.  Well, maybe this needs a second look #Emmys. I'm torn cause part of me thinks it looks cheap.

Dude, is Tracy Morgan still on the floor?

An "In Memoriam" for folks who haven't passed yet. Wow, okay. All for Jimmy Kimmel. Serenaded by Josh Groban. Nice.

Julianna Margulies does not look like she's aged a day since "ER." #Emmys And Bryan Cranston just got screwed out of a win. Bah.

That being said, I like Damian Lewis' acceptance speech so far. #EmmysCongrats

Ooh, loved Tina Fey's dress.

Claire Danes thanks her "baby daddy" at the #Emmys. Sweet.

I enjoy Ricky Gervais.

A Colbert, Stewart and Fallon threesome?  Yes!

Anyone else waiting for a Tracy Morgan and Jimmy Kimmel buddy film?

I <3 Jessica Lange.

Ron Howard was a cute kid.

Aww, Sherman Hemsley...

And Michael Clarke-Dunacn :(

What the hell is Lucy Liu wearing?

Buffy alum Danny Strong wins.

Julianne Moore feels validated b/c Sarah Palin gave her a big thumbs down. Success!

#Emmys are just about over. MUCH more entertaining than the MTV Awards, though I'm not sure that's saying a lot.


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