Friday, September 28, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Revolution

Just got caught up on the first two eps of this show, and...

It's not as interesting as I thought/wanted it to be.  First I have to say I really hate the time jump to the present, with minor flashbacks on after the blackout.  I think if the first season had been focused upon the fallout of the blackout, it would have been more interesting.  A time jump would have been better served for later seasons to keep things fresh.

It has a Lost meets Hunger Games vibe, and I have to say I am not crazy about this show's hybrid version of Kate meets Katniss.  Her acting is not compelling to me, and at this point, I don't care whether her character lives or dies.  She engages the audience zero much.  The story should focus on her uncle, and he's only semi-impressive (which would make him not "impressive" so much as okay).

Also, I think it should really be called "Blackout Hell."  I do have to wonder how much rampant depression or attempted suicides there be if there were no more Apple products...

One big plus in this show's favor?  Giancarlo Esposito!  So glad to see some of my favorite Homicide: Life on the Streets actors working regularly.


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