Monday, September 3, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Meeting Ian Somerhalder

Today's sizzling guest post is from Maggie:

Fangirls from all over the world--Warning: this man will have you on your knees before you have time to blink. Three words to describe M. Smolderhalder in conventions? Seductive, adorable, and PERFECT. 

I was a newbie at conventions the first time I met Ian in Paris last year. 

Had I known he'd make my first time that incredible, I would have prepared myself. I was incredibly nervous, but he made it so easy to relax and just be myself with him. I laughed a lot at him saying, "Hi Maggie, my name is Ian."  Like hello, I paid quite some money to be here.  I think I know who you are ;) 

This is when this photo was taken:

I was still a little shy around him, but on the second day, when he saw me, this is what he did. 

All shyness gone on my side, I really enjoyed the familiarity he brings into his every interaction. Besides, he called me beautiful when I looked like a mess, so yeah, he's pretty much perfect in my eyes. 

With Ian, you don't feel like a face in an ocean of faces.  He is careful to ask your name and use it. He treats you like he's known you forever.  He gives you stupid nicknames that'll have you smiling like an idiot.  And... The best? He can't keep his hands off you - it surprised me how many light touches, and hugs and how much hand-holding moments he had going on.  Did I mention how he kissed my hand in a gentlemanly fashion?  (Anyone swooning with me?) 

I had the pleasure of attending two conventions this year, in France and Germany.  It felt weird to meet him again after a year, but I was happy to see that he was still the same charming man. Seduction is like a second-nature to him, and if you can resist that, then I'm judging you, lmao. 

This picture is my very favourite: 

In the autographs session, I always thought actors listened distractedly to what you told them.  Until I mentioned to Ian (in Paris) that I was going to a convention in Germany, that is.  I must confess my fangirl heart skipped a beat when he remembered me two weeks later.  Even mores o when he complimented my perfume, and kept asking when we'd see each other again.  But I really passed away to Fangirl Paradise when we took this last picture and I got to look straight into his oh-so-hypnotizing blue eyes. Again, if the idea leaves you un-moved, YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND.

As you all know, conventions are incredibly fast and you don't always have time to say the words you mean to say.  Well, it doesn't matter with Ian, because he's sweet like that, and sometimes gives you little extras.  Me?  He signed extra autographs for me, even when I objected because I hadn't paid for it.  He wrote that he "adores" me on one, and believe me when I say, it was the highlight of my weekend. 

Long story short : if you wanna feel special for awhile and have compliments thrown at you by a hot guy, make sure you cross paths with Ian, he won't disappoint.  He's so devoted to his fans in conventions that it's not even real. 

I cannot wait to see him next year.

Wish you could have met Ian?  Check out FANGIRL--a must read for all fangirls--today!



  1. OMG!! You are po lucky!
    I've been smiling like an idiot while reading your post!!
    Thanks for sharing, it really made me happy!!

  2. Thanks for your comment! Glad you enjoyed the read ^_^