Saturday, September 22, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: The X Factor

The X-Factor is finally back, and with some new judges--

Britney--I grew up on her.  I'm not too keen on her music these days, but I do like her as a judge.  I don't know much about Demi, but she's an okay judge as well.  I thought I'd miss Paula (but not whatshername, though), but...the show has marched on without missing a beat.

Only two weeks in, and I already have some favorites in mind:

There were a couple of more, but I didn't want to spam my own blog with vids.  So yeah, if you haven't checked out this show yet, give it a shot!  There are definitely some gems to see.

And then there's Simon.  I effin' love Simon Cowell.  Him and Gordon and Piers--I just think they're amazing.  British accents don't hurt.



  1. At first I wasn't sure about Britney but I think she is a good judge and she does know the business and knows a good voice when it's in front of her. But damn she can be mean as well :) I actually like the judges more this year than last because as much as I like Paula & Simon together her judging was always a bit strange...and there are some talents there! Did you see last nights ep? Willie Jones...I was so sure he would rap or sing something rocky and then he has this fucking country voice!

  2. Yes, her meanness was...shocking :P And while she may be in the business and has been most of her life, she certainly isn't one of the best voices out there :P

    And the other night--I certainly caught that one. Willie Jones, it was shocking to hear that voice to say the least, but in a weird way pleasantly surprising? I don't know how else to describe it, lol :p

  3. She never claimed to have the best voice (like Christina and others did) but I think she just knows the business with all the highs and the lows.

    His voice just didn't fit his outfit^^ But I'm already looking forward to what they can do with his voice