Sunday, September 2, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: American Idol takes X-Factor Twist

So, in an appeal to keep viewers' interest (I suppose), American Idol is now bumping Randy Jackson from the Judge's panel (the last original judge left), and making him a mentor like what they do on The X-Factor.  Ah...

I see what they did there.

The only confirmed judge thus far is Mariah Carey, coming in at $18 Million dollars.

Here's hoping they pair her with Snoop Dogg Lion, DIDDY OMG (man, I miss Making the Band), and/or Kanye.  That would definitely get me watching again!



  1. Diddy would be cool and I loved Making the Band

  2. Diddy would be AMAZING. Who knows what he would say? Gosh, I hope he gets it ^_^

  3. I want Randy to remain a Judge, he keeps the grounds calm and equal. he knows the way of the show. I bet you lose a lot of viewers with him not being a judge. if you want a new panel altogether. bring on a 4th position.

  4. They've been slowly phasing out the old system ever since Simon left. Their numbers are still huge, but slowly declining, so I'm not surprised with this "new" twist they're doing. And it may not be permanent--hard to say. Depending on who the replacement judges are, I may or may not watch (though I haven't watched for sometime anyway).