Thursday, November 29, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Elementary

Elementary is one of my favorite new shows this season.  I saw the pilot at this years San Diego Comic Con.  There is something, however, that has been bothering me about it, and I finally put my finger on it:

You can't solve the crime with Sherlock and Watson.

With Law & Order: SVU, you can sometimes solve the case with the detectives, and the times you can't, you get to see more of the crime or the criminal.  With Elementary, I think the show may very well have to focus on his relationships to sustain the show, because otherwise, it'll just be about how much of a genius he is.

Still, I enjoy it.  I just worry about its longevity.

Also, kind of waiting for Sherlock/Watson to become a thing.  I'm thinking around season 3.

ETA: Robert Downey Jr.'s and Jude Law's Sherlcock/Watson are my favorite ship for the pair, though.

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