Thursday, November 1, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Halloween Extravaganza 2

Due to my own Trick or Treating fun, I missed the Halloween deadline for this post.  But hey--it's still good!


I think I have to be honest and say that I'm limited in terms of portrayal of vamps, so this will be a somewhat shallow post about vampires in regards to who looks hot as a vamp, but also convincing (from what I've seen).  The first two listed are my favorites, and then the rest are given in no particular order.


Eric (sans tracksuit)
Santanico Pandemonium

Tom Cruise's Lestat

Actors who should play a vampire: Michael Fassbender, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Christian Bale, Angelina Jolie, Keanu Reeves, Terrance Howard.


Well, a "favorite/hottest werewolves" list just plain doesn't exist.  And no--Taylor Lautner does not do it for me, so don't even ask.  But, I thought about it, an if these actors were to portray these shape-shifting monsters, maybe one day there could be!

Jesse Williams, Dwayne Johnson, Julian McMahon.


Um...I don't really have a favorite zombie.  I'm willing to bet no one does.

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