Sunday, November 18, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: The Walking Dead

Just started season two of The Walking Dead, and I have to say that while I do like it, it also makes me laugh inappropriately, and some of the characters really do irk me.

My favorites thus far are Daryl (shocking, I know) and Shane (though I vaguely know of his fate.  Wah).  Anyway, the last ep I watched pleasantly surprised me, by having a somewhat of a crossover with Breaking Bad--the crystal meth of TV shows.  Darryl takes a zip-lock bag of drugs from his brother's bike, and at the bottom of it was Walt's pure blue crystals.  Nice.

Anyway, I started thinking about who I would want to be in my group if a zombie apocalypse went down.  Here are my choices:

Daryl Dixon--You guys have seen The Walking Dead right?  He's nifty in a pinch.  He can hunt too.

Sayid--What can I say--he's a trained professional.  He'd be one of the best damn zombie slayers ever.  Also, he isn't so bad to look at.

Walter White--he could totally make a zombie robot killer out of like, car parts and toys or something.  The short story is this: he's a scientific genius, and if there's a lack of power in the world, he can figure out the best ways around stuff like that.

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