Thursday, November 15, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: People's Choice Awards

So, I'm filling out the form for The People's Choice Awards, and here are my answers:

Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight Rises, hands down.  It was brilliant, beautiful, and 98% perfect [we should have heard the Joker's laughter coming from a darkened cell as a tribute to Ledger's major contribution to the series].  It may lose to The Avengers.

Favorite Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, also hands down.  I couldn't even recall the films the other actors in the category had been in (excluding "Magic Mike" and "The Avengers"), but JGL was getting it this year.  Haven't seen "Lincoln" yet, but I'm sure he kicked ass in that too (which will probably be [rightfully] overshadowed by Daniel Day-Lewis).  Sadly, he may lose to Channing Tatum.  Or maybe Johnny Depp (which won't be as sad).

Favorite Actress: Emma Stone.  For "The Help."  Which came out last year, I think, but I wasn't going to give her my vote for "The Amazing Spider-man," and the other actresses...the contestants in this category almost made it feel like a joke.  She'll lose to Jennifer Laurence.

Favorite Movie Icon: Meryl Streep, because it's fucking MERYL STREEP.

Favorite Action Movie: The Avengers.  It was pretty perfect, and The Hulk was my hero. It can't lose.

Favorite Movie Action Star: I based this on the characters they play, and I decided to go with Iron Man.

Favorite Face of Heroism: And I guess this category exists because actresses clearly
 can't be action stars, but I went with The Black Widow.  I would have gone with Catwoman, had it been Michelle Pfeiffer up there.

Favorite Comedic Movie:  Tough call between Ted and 21 Jump Street, but in the end, I went with 21 Jump Street.  It pleasantly surprised me.  But hey, if Ted wins in this category, I won't be mad.  In fact, I predict Ted will win.

Favorite Comedic Movie Actor: My gut wants me to go with Will Ferrell (just re-watched Step Brothers.  LOVES), but for this year, I'll say Channing Tatum.  He'll probably win this category, my prediction.

Favorite Comedic Movie Actress:  Um...I wouldn't consider any of the contestants terribly funny, so I'll just give my prediction answer: Mila Kunis for Ted.

Favorite Dramatic Movie:  Is "Magic Mike" seriously in this category?  *crickets*  Anyway, Argo, no question.  My god, that film was amazing.

Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor: My gut is saying Liam Neeson cause...hello?  But I can't recall what he's been in this year other than "Taken 2."  Haven't seen "End of Watch" yet, but Jake Gyllenhaal will probably get it.

Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress: I can't see anything past the name Meryl Streep.  My guess for the winner: Charlize Theron.

Favorite Movie Franchise: Nolan's The Dark Knight.  Not sure why Spider-Man (the new one) is up there cause it's not a franchise yet...Anyway, The Avengers will probably win it.

Favorite Movie Superhero: Damn, this was tough...While I enjoy looking at Thor and Iron Man makes me laugh, I'll give this vote to Batman.  He had a rough time of it in this last film.  Iron Man will probably win this as well.

Favorite On-screen Chemistry: Some of these pairing were odd, but the triangle of The Hunger Games cast will probably win (Jennifer/Josh/Liam), but of the given pairs, I'd oddly vote for Kristen and Chris in Snow White and the Huntsman.  Mostly cause Hemsworth looked fine as hell all scruffy and dirty.  No idea why that is.

Favorite Movie Fan Following: My vote goes to The Fellowship of the Ring, but the Twihards will probably win it.

Favorite Network TV Comedy: None of the ones given, frankly, but I gave my vote to The New Girl, cause it makes me laugh sometimes.  The Big Bang Theory will probably win, though.

Favorite Network TV Drama: None of these, but I voted for Grimm, which I've never seen.  Once Upon a Time will of course win, though.

Favorite Cable TV Comedy: PSYCH omg!  And they just might win!!  They have a slim chance to lose to...It's Always Sunny, maybe.  Or Hot in Cleveland.

Favorite Cable TV Drama: The Walking Dead (though so far, I can't take this show seriously.  I do enjoy watching it, though), and they will win.  Surprised Breaking Bad wasn't on here...

Favorite Premium Cable TV Show:  Game of Thrones, though True Blood will probably win.

Favorite TV Crime Drama: None of these... My guess for the win is Castle, though.

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show: None of these, but I voted for Dr. Who, and I think OUaT will win this as well.

Favorite Comedic TV Actor: Chris Colfer, though Jim Parsons will probably win.

Favorite Comedic TV Actress: Jane Lynch, though Sofia Vergara will win.  And no, she is NOT the next Lucille Ball.

Favorite Dramatic TV Actor: Not terribly familiar with any, but voted for Paul Wesley cause of his guess starring role on Law & Order: SVU, and thought he did a good job.  Jensen Ackles or Nathan Fillion might win though.

Favorite Dramatic TV Actress: Threw this vote away as well, but I picked the person who I think will win: Ginnifer Goodwin.

Favorite Daytime TV Host: I voted for The View for Whoopi, but Ellen will probably win.

Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host: Voted for Jimmy Kimmel, who will probably lose to...Fallon.

Favorite New Talk Show Host: None, but I voted for the gal I used to love to watch, Ricki Lake.

Favorite Competition TV Show: None, but I went with X-Factor for Simon, but it will lose to The Voice.

Favorite Celebrity Judge: None, but I voted for Christina Aguilera, who, if she loses, it will be to Adam Levine.

Favorite TV Fan Following: None, but I went with Supernatural.  They have great fans, and they might win (if it wasn't for the OUaT peeps).

Favorite New TV Comedy: The Mindy Project, which is great.  I never saw the other shows, so I think that will win based on the fact that I've seen it.

Favorite New TV Drama: Damn, this was hard, but my mind instantly went to The Arrow.  It will lose to Nashville.

Favorite Male Artist:  I honestly couldn't even choose one from this list...but of course Justin Bieber will win.

Favorite Female Artist: Voted for Adele solely for "Skyfall," but she will lose to (vomit) Taylor Swift.

Favorite Pop Artist: Omg, am I still filling this out??  Anyway, Justin Bieber will win.

Favorite Hip Hop Artist: Okay, flat out refused to vote in this category, but Drake, somehow, will win...

Favorite R&B Artist: Um...Beyonce, of the given folks, but she'll lose to Rhianna.

Favorite Band: Went with No Doubt for sentimental reasons, and they may lose to...gosh, Maroon 5?

Favorite Country Artist: None.  Taylor Swift will win.

Favorite Breakout Artist: None.  One Direction will win.

Favorite Song: Even though it gets on my nerves now, "We Are Young."  It will lose to whatever the hell One Direction's song is.

Favorite Album: None. One Direction will win again.

Favorite Music Video: I hardly ever watch them...Psy will probably win though.

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