Thursday, June 14, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Ghost of the Robot's "Mad Brilliant"

I may be jumping the gun with this one a tad, considering the only reason I heard about this band is because of James Marsters, but I'll fangirl the frak out of him in a little bit.

So, I was about sixteen when the album "Mad Brilliant" came out.  The band was coming close to my town of Chicago--Rosemont--and I was hellbent on seeing both the band and James in person.  Of course, I'd only heard snippets of the album online, and wanted the whole CD before they came, and needed someone to go with me to the concert.  Two fabulous things happened to me.

My cousin, who's nine months older than me and happened to have a debit card, was nice enough to buy the CD for me online (which I of course reimbursed her for), and my BFF Danielle went with me to the concert, cause no one else could comprehend me fangirling any of the things I did (the shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel, James, the band...a long list of things).

We went, I saw James from afar with his platinum hair, and good times were had.  I only wish I hadn't been so dumb as to not make the connection that he'd been at the convention as well, and I could have met him up close. 

*Le sigh* 

You live and you learn.

Favorite songs from the album: "Valerie," "Liar," "Vehicles Shock Me," "Dangerous," "Mad Brilliant" (which I wish was longer), "Call 911" and "Goodnight Sweet Girl."  So yeah, like 90% of the songs ^_^


  1. I know it is hard to not have anyone close by that shares our weirdness. I think my family and friends secretly think I am 'touched in the head'. The internet has, thank god, given us a whole group of people to share our craziness with. See you soon 'Fangirl'.

  2. Thanks Jacque! And yes, thank god for Fandom!

    (which is something else I <3 and fangirl over ;)

    Yes--looking forward to seeing you soon ;)