Monday, June 18, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: James Marsters

Alright kids, this is the first [of what I hope to be many] fannish submissions.  I have my own fan-post for Mr. Marsters waiting in the wings, but this first one up is from Loweness!

Whenever James Marsters is asked his favorite color, he says, "Green, the color of Mother Earth."  I decided to crochet a long, thin scarf for him and found soft, mottled, earthy green yarn to symbolize the natural green of Mother Earth, rather than the more solid greens of most yarns.  The soft, green scarf was given to James in April 2005 at the Houston Slayer Con.

Some time later, James went to England for his "Words and Music" tour.  There was a tour diary on his website and I noticed he was wearing a scarf in two of the pictures.  The first picture was of James at Stonehenge.  A scarf was tucked into his coat.  The second picture was of James at a restaurant, sitting down to a plate of bangers and mash.  His coat was off and he was wearing a long scarf.  It was exciting to think he was actually wearing the scarf I made for him, but I wasn't 100% certain it was mine because in the online photos, the scarf looked more blue than green.  I always hoped it was mine, but didn't know for sure and didn't get an opportunity to find out because I wasn't able to see him again for a while.


Finally, at Dragon*Con in 2008, I got to ask James about the scarf when I attended the Private Party with James and Gareth David-Lloyd.  James came to the table where I was sitting for a brief chat.  After other topics were discussed, I had my opportunity.  I would have been perfectly happy with a simple "Yes" answer.  But I got so much more.

Me:  For Words and Music there's a tour diary online.  In the photos of you at Stonehenge and sitting down at a restaurant, you're wearing a scarf.  I've been wondering if that was the green scarf I crocheted for you.

James:  Yes.  And it SAVED ME!  Stonehenge was f***g cold!  And I had a concert to give the next day.  So I wrapped that scarf around and around my neck.  It SAVED ME!

Me:  (majorly undignified squee)

James:  Now when I look at pictures of
Stonehenge, I can say, "I was there; I touched that stone."

James Marsters not only wore the earthy green scarf I crocheted for him, it SAVED him!  Squee!

James and Loweness, Houston 2005

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