Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Jennifer Hudson

I've been a fan of Jennifer Hudson since point one when she first appeared on American Idol.


I knew then that she was going to be something special.  She didn't win, as you all know, but her career has surpassed that of any Idol winner--the woman has an Oscar!  She is one of ten black people to have an Oscar.

I do wish she would get better producers for her albums, and if not, just do a stream of kick ass covers (seriously, now that Whitney is gone, don't even try to sing one of her ballads unless you're this woman right here, and maybe Christina Aguilera).  Anyway, even though I don't watch Smash, J-Hud has signed on for a multi-ep arc on the show, playing a Tony Award-winning star ("but also paid a price for it..." which sounds dubious, considering her actual history).  Anyway, don't watch the show, but I just might for her!

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