Monday, June 11, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Shatner

Submissions Post: I've started a blog called "Diary of a Fangirl--Home of the Squee," where I will post fangirl moments and fangirl photos. I will also be posting Fangirl Photo of the Week on the blog as well as the Fangirl Novel FB page, and I need your help! Please submit any of your favorite fangirl (or fanboy!) photos (and please have the rights to them), or a paragraph or two on one of your best squee worthy moments.

In the meantime, I will kick it off with a poignant Fangirl moment in my life: Meeting William Shatner!

I am not a Trekkie. 

I discovered my hardcore Shatner love after seeing him on Boston Legal.  Denny Crane was a mad genius of a character, and he (with Alan Shore, played by the magnificent James Spader) were one of my most favorite TV couples of ALL TIME.  The Shatner was quiet, docile even during the photo op, but came alive when on stage.  Bill is brilliant, and I hope to see him in a great character role on the big screen soon.  I mean, the impeccable writing on Boston Legal was once in a lifetime kind of material...well, it was!  And if you haven't watched it, no need to hang your head in shame--go Netflix and watch!

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