Friday, June 15, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Matt Smith's Dr. Who

I just double checked my calendar and realized I have less than four weeks until San Diego Comic Con, and began to reminisce about the one I went to last year.  The term "Had a blast!" is a gross understatement, and there was a certain someone who I bumped into like ten times...

Now, I never watched Dr. Who (and only even know of it through mutual fandom connections, such as Torchwood which I only watched a few eps of for James Marsters), but I knew his face.  He was quite tall and slim--made me feel terribly short (which is no easy feat--5'11" here), and a few times he had a hat, in what I assume to be his version of being incognito?  Anyway, in the con, outside of the con, on the way to the parties I would try to crash, I couldn't dodge this man!  And everytime I saw him, how I so wished I was a fan of his, or at least of the show, so that I could feel some kind of squee inside. 

Alas, it was a waste for me. 

But I thought I would share the experience of brushing past him and breathing his air so that maybe one day, one of his fans or fangirls can read it and enjoy a quiet squee to themselves.  No, really.  One of the biggest things of being a fangirl?

Vicarious squeeage.  Trust me, I know what I'm talking about on this. 

Until tomorrow...

And hey peeps--don't forget to submit your favorite fangirl moment, photo, or person, place or thing you squee over.  First featured Fangirl will be next Monday!

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