Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Ian Somerhalder

So, this will be one of my "pretty" editions.

I don't actually watch The Vampire Diaries, and I really, really hate what they do his hair on that show, and I thought he looked too young and skinny on Lost but...

Last year I went to San Diego Comic Con and saw him in person.  Sweet holy jeebus you guys--that guy was goreous.

Somewhat crappy shot by me.  c. 2011
Yeah, okay, he was wearing this dumb ass hat, but he was the kind of pretty that you read about.  The man was flawless, and I promise that isn't a world I would ever throw around.  He ended up walking past me at one point while I was having dinner (and he was on his way to the EW party), and I was at one of those high top tables, and he had to have been about three feet from my face.  Yes--casting him as a vampire or an angel or some kind of Greek god or whatever is quite fitting.  Ian--I know nothing about you, honestly, except that you are disgustingly goregous.  And really, that's all you need to be on my list of pretty, so congrats!


  1. He's not just gorgeous, he's NICE. Funny, a sweetheart, and devoted to good causes. Been a fan since he was on Smallville. The eyes are whoa.

  2. Well, that's certainly good to hear! And I didn't know he was on Smallville...huh.

    1. Yep, back on like season 3 or 4. Lana had broken her leg and was doing physical therapy and his character was also doing PT. She ended up giving him a place to stay in the apartment above her coffee shop.

  3. I think I recall something along those lines...been so long since I watched that show.

  4. Alexis Bledel as Ana
    With Ian Somerholder as Christian
    THat is the best fit!!
    christian grey