Monday, October 22, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Argo

Yesterday, I had the chance to see "Argo."  Starring Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman and Alan Arkin, this film is a definite must see (and see again!).

I think this film will not only get Ben Affleck an Oscar nomination, but also, a win for best director.  The editing, the acting, the directing--everything was flawless.  Artistically, I even loved how Affleck shot it in regular film, cut the frames in half, and blew the images up to 200% to increase the graininess, giving it a 1970s' feel.

This film was gripping.  It made me both frightened and uncomfortable.  In regards to thrillers, this film was definitely an A+.

Additionally, I want to see Bryan Cranston in more films.  I love him in Breaking Bad, but I want to see more of his brilliance on the big screen.



  1. I think many people forget that he already won an Oscar for 'Good Will Hunting' and only remember the movies with Jennifer Lopez which I didn't find so bad btw. But I always liked him as an actor and thought that he had potential. I hope I will find the time to see this movie in the theaters and not just at home on my Laptop.

  2. Well, that Oscar was for best screenplay, not director. I think he definitely stepped up his game here. He's had some missteps, sure, but he's a very talented guy.

    And it's definitely worthy of an onscreen viewing ;)

    Thanks for commenting!