Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: The Mindy Project

Episode three of The Mindy Project aired today, and this show truly has it all--

A token person of color (who's also the lead and representing the curvy girls--what what?), a hot British guy (or, the character is British, anyway.  Not sure of the actor), douchebag guy who's a potential love interest, the "wacky neighbor," and the blonde BFF who's also a mom (there's a trope in there somewhere, I'm sure).

This show also has a plethora of laughs.  I look forward to The Mindy Project's run on TV (provided Fox doesn't somehow screw it up) for many seasons to come.  Also, I hope Mindy returns to The Office for the series finale.  Cause it'd seem wrong without her (and Ryan) being there.

And yeah--total irrational ship, I know.


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