Monday, October 15, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Meeting Seth Green

Today's Guest Post is from Sam:

I got in line for NYCC at 4am to get a ticket for the Robot Chicken signing. 

Me and my mom got one.  When they released us around 9:30, we went and queued outside the room. When we went inside, they took our ticket and handed us a poster. Everyone that was there was really nice. 

I've been a fan of Seth Green for 8 years. He was really nice and energetic. He signed the poster [everyone else did as well], and also a small Robot Chicken poster card. On the card he wrote 'BOK' and signed 'xoxo' before his name. We shook hands and then we took a picture with the whole table of guests. 

The camera I brought takes a while to shoot.  The nice staff tried taking a picture, but it didn't work the first time. I'm standing there next to Seth more than a minute. It was kind of funny, and they made a joke about it.

There was a professional photographer there and he took a couple pictures of us. I then told the staff to let go and try again. It worked that time. After that, my mom was meeting them, and I was talking to myself about how I wished I could of brought my professional camera. Seth heard me and asked what camera I had, so I told him I have a T1i Rebel.  He wanted to know if I was into animation or just regular photography. I told him just regular photography and that I was in college for it. 

He thought that was really cool. 

I asked if he wanted my business card. He said "Yeah!" and gladly took it.

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