Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Alexander Skarsgard

Okay, so this is another "pretty" edition, but this is also coupled with my "wonderful human being" category.

I never watched nor had the desire to watch HBO's True Blood before attending the True Blood panel at San Diego Comic Con 2011.  Alex was one of the most generous celebrities I have ever seen when it comes to fans.  He was the first one on stage to sign, and the last one to leave.

At this year's TB panel, the girl behind me in the fan question line was nervous about asking him for his name plate, because it was against the rules to ask a celeb such a thing at a panel.  I told her that if she asked for it, and asked for it signed of all things, that Alex would happily oblige her.  Why?  Cause he's a boss, and a fucking nice guy, that's why.  It's quite easy to become enamored with this man.  I am not only because of his strikingly good looks (and hot damn, is he tall...drool), but also because he's a wonderfully kind and giving person.  And again--look at this guy.  Lovely smile.  *dreamy sigh*

I'd love to talk to this dude, no lie.

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