Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Ted

So Sunday, I went to see two films at two different theatres on two opposite sides of town (long story).  Now initially, I had no intention of seeing "Ted."  I love Seth McFarlane--seen him on Real Time a few times, but I can't stand that damn Family Guy.  But the more trailers I saw, the more curious I became.  And then I saw that Ebert, a movie reviewer who I hold in high esteem, not only gave it a thumbs up, but damn near four stars (with 3.5).  So, I made this film on my "to see" list, and voila!

What we have is a bromance film in the form of Mark Wahlberg, and a bong using, alcohol drinking, fully functioning without all the parts (er, see the film to get the full meaning behind that, or infer!) Teddy Bear named Ted.

The film is chock full of pop culture references and bouts of randomness, but not to the point to make me ill like the show which gave Seth a name.  Here, it's in moderation, and done splendidly.  Ted is a new spin on the bromance genre, and terribly well done.  This film is essentially about growing up, and adjusting friendships so as to not leave a loved one behind.  I get that.

Also, I love Mila Kunis in this film (and also "Forgetting Sarah Marshall") whereas I don't feel the same way about a lot of the female leads.  They usually come across as flat, and have me route for the guy and his BFF to run away together.  But with Mila?  It's true--two points make a line and not a pattern, but she works in films like this.  I want the guy to work things out with her in films.  She's a great candidate for America's Next Sweetheart (so long Julia, Sandra and Reese!).  Mila is in!

I'd rank this film up there, maybe even a bit ahead of, "Role Models" and "I Love You, Man"--two bromances I love.  Oh, and "Superbad," though I think that was more of an undercover gay romance as opposed to a bromance.

So go on then--go see "Ted"!  You won't regret it, or your *money back!

*Note: I can't actually get your money back, but I'm sure you'll love it anyway.

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