Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Chris Meloni and True Blood

I have been a tremendous fan of Law & Order: SVU since the day it aired.  I utterly fell in love with Detective Stabler, and it broke my heart when they didn't have him return this past season.  But, then I learned he would be on True Blood, and also on the panel.

I could not contain my fangirly excitement.

I quickly scoured the exhibit floor of San Diego Comic Con, and found a most awesome photo of Chris Meloni.  I knew, KNEW I would get him to sign it after the panel.  I had a plan you see.  And the first bit was to ask him a question.

Didn't get the hat, but I thought he looked good. And Alex! Another sexy devil!

I knew the line would be insane, so I waited at the end of The Vampire Diaries panel question line, and when they dispersed moved up to the front.  And even then, I was second in line (apparently, another girl had similar ideas to mine in regards to the line).

Anyway, the mod could not stop drooling over the panels shoes, and we almost missed the opportunity to ask our questions.  Thank goodness, they extended the time of the panel, since it was the last one of the day.

Part of my comment was eaten up, but what I said was that he was robbed of Emmies for several years and I didn't understand why, and at the end, I yelled to him that the show wasn't the same.

After the panel, I held the picture up above my head with a sharpie at the stage, and called his name.  He looked, he saw, and reached out for me.  In spite of security holding me back and some lady on stage saying, "No they can't sign," he reached out for my photo and basically said screw the rules.  Man, I love that guy.


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