Sunday, July 29, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Friday

When I was ten years old, my Aunt Joann asked me if I wanted to see this movie called "Friday."  Knowing her penchant for horror films, I entered into the film with caution.  But within the first sixty seconds, with members of a family household in various stages of sleep, I knew it was a comedy.  I sat there in her living room, watching that movie, and fell in love.

"Friday" is tied for #1 of "favorite movie of all time" (with "Goodfellas" and Disney's "Cinderella" sharing the spot, and yes, all films from my childhood).  It's simple, has heart, a message, and characters that you will not only never forget, but could quote all day.

For years I've longed for there to be a sequel with Chris Tucker reprising his role as Smokey.  The other two sequels don't even exist to me.  It's just horrendously not the same.  And now, I've learned that the time has come--that my dream of there being a "Last Friday" is now possible.

Chris Tucker has signed on, ya'll.

I literally squeed upon hearing this joyous news.  Ice Cube reached out to the original cast, and had just about everyone signed on except for Chris.  And now, he's in.  Game on, bitches.

The only thing I lament is that this [true] sequel couldn't have come with the awesome Bernie Mac.  Bernie was a brilliant comedian--the best, frankly--and he will be sorely missed.  


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