Monday, July 16, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Return from SDCC

Note: The following was written in the airport in San Diego before the long ride home.

Wow.  What a long, long extended weekend I had.  

I saw a ton of panels--a lot of shows I knew, and a few I didn't.  Films, exclusives, a slew of celebs (some fabulous, some off-putting and/or disappointing, and some shockingly short), bags of swag, videos, photos, some fan-fucking-tastic squee moments, and a few that were kinda heartbreaking, some insanely late nights, and a pair of tired legs later, I find myself in the airport, waiting for my plane to board.  I feel as if I may have a month's worth of individual reports from these four days at San Diego Comic Con 2012.  What a wild ride.

I also have some great material for my Fangirl YouTube commercials (yes, I plan on doing those!), and plan on getting a few more at Wizard World Rosemont Chicago.  I am terribly exhausted, optimistic, and excited about this future project!  Hope you are too.

Next Entry: Chris Meloni squeeage and True Blood.

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