Saturday, July 21, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Okay, so this is another "pretty post," but I'm coupling this with "I love their art" and the "they seem to be a great human being" category.  This round goes to Mr. Joseph Gordon-Levitt...

I feel like my crush on him didn't really begin until "Inception" (which is a kickass movie, if you haven't seen it).  Sure, I'd known him from Roseanne and 3d Rock from the Sun and that cameo in "Halloween: H20," and then I really noticed him in "The Lookout" (a great performance; see it if you haven't).  It was his talent that captured my eye first.  Admittedly, I have yet to see "50/50" or "500 Days of Summer," but I'll get around to those eventually.

In "Inception," he wears nothing but three piece suits, and for whatever reason, I found that incredibly hot.  But then we roll around to "The Dark Knight Rises..."

No suits, and I don't even care about what he's wearing at this point because his stage presence is so incredibly tremendous.  He stands out in every scene that he's in.  You know how some people just have "it"?  Well this guy's got it in spades.  I couldn't help but think throughout the film "delicious" whenever he popped up on screen.

Also--he's totally getting an Oscar.  Soon.

What's also funny (not funny "ha ha" or anything) is that he was in "10 Things I Hate About You" with Heath Ledger (what a great talent he was), who starred in "The Dark Knight," and they look like brothers.  If there's a biopic in the near future on Heath, it should star Joseph.

And then there's that whole thing where I saw him in person at San Diego Comic Con...

He was a delight.

He has a great, dimply smile, a happy disposition and a great sense of humor.  While I don't know him, the impression that I got is that he'd be fun and a general joy to be around--on set, with fans, in life--wherever.  I didn't, however, get that vibe from everyone...

Anyway, this, ladies and gents, is my new found crush.  Maybe one of these days I'll get to meet him in person.


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