Sunday, July 22, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Christian Grey?

So, as you may all know (and if you don't, I'm gonna tell you), they plan to make a film on "50 Shades of Grey."  While I think the source material is dubious (I've read parts of the book one, but not the whole thing...yet), with the right writer and director, solid actors and a decent musical score could make it a good and solid film.  Better films have been made on weaker concepts, no?

[I think for the film, it'd be better if it was focused on why Christian's dark past, and more about Ana's sexual liberation as opposed to losing her virginity. Maybe she just had bad sex as opposed to no sex, to make her more identifiable as a character.]

There's been buzz about Ian Somerhalder (33), playing the lead of Christian Grey.

While I think Ian is utterly beautiful (seriously, it looks as if he fell from the heavens...though I wish he'd do something that's else with his hair), I don't think he'd be right for the role.  Can't put my finger on why, but I've come up with some alternatives from thirty-one to fifty.

Note: This is part 1--guys 36 and under.  Part 2, actors up to age 50, will be up Tuesday.

It sounds like to me that this film would be "The Secretary" meets..."Twilight"?

That made me ask, who can own both sex and power on-screen?  Who can portray a terribly passionate and sexual being?  Who can be sex on legs?  This isn't about being some kind of sparkly, beautiful man who stares a lot (not that I'm saying that about Ian)--there has to be some depth to the acting here.  Who can be dark?  Who looks like they may bend you over and spank you and make you like it?

Oliver Jackson-Cohen (26)

The youngest (and one of the tallest) guys on my list, Oliver impressed me with his performance in "Faster." He looks like a rich playboy, with dark undertones.  This film might actually be perfect for him, since a lot of the character is something he's already done in "Faster."  Instead of being a secret assassin, however, he could have a secret sex chamber, due to a dark past with mommy or daddy issues.  Maybe some kind of abuse.  Not sure, really.  Haven't read the book (and sadly, I'll have to eventually...).  Plus, good lord is that man gorgeous!

Chris Hemsworth (29)

I've only seen him in three films, I think ("Cabin in the Woods," "The Avengers" and "Snow White & the Huntsman"), and honestly, he impressed me in the third one.  It's a no brainer this dude is insanely good looking (and also is another tall one, which to me, as someone 5'11", is important), but he has layers with his acting.  Some good looking actors, sadly don't.  I think he'd be capable of going to that dark place.  At the very least, I wouldn't mind to see him try.

Next up, we have Joseph Gordon-Levitt (31).

It's true--I just gushed over this man in my last post.  Excuse me while I gush some more.  This guy can go dark, and I believe he can play naughty too.  He eclipses (no Twilight pun--I swear) his co-stars on the screen and is just a general joy to watch. He would fucking kill in this film as this character.  If they want me to pay money to see this film, casting him would be a great start.  Oh hell, who am I kidding?  That's really all I would need.

Ryan Gosling (31)

Gosling is another young actor who terribly impresses me (and honestly, I thought he was a tad older than 31).  I'm familiar with his work, but what's impressed me most about him lately was "Drive."  It's true--the first forty minutes or so of the film was a total snooze-fest to me to the point where I almost walked out, the payoff was tremendous.  Few actors can play the hero in a romantic comedy, and the villain in another.  Gosling is among one of the few.  Plus he's quite pretty to look at.

Our first person of color (albeit, half--half black and half Swedish), Jesse Williams (31).

As it stands, this is currently a pure topical choice.

I've only seen Jesse in "Cabin in the Woods," and never watched him on...Grey's Anatomy, is it?  But the dude is straight up gorgeous.  Couple that with the fact that it'd be nice if it were a person of color in this film somewhere, preferably as a lead (though to be honest, I'd prefer Ana to be black.  That too would make the film more interesting to me, and would narrow down the casting sheet to an unknown, to which I'd totally try out, but enough about that).  Again, no idea what his acting chops are or aren't (and it's not like the cast of "Twilight" was bursting at the seams with actual talent, right?), but damn, he'd sure be nice to look at.

Additionally, there are rumors (or maybe it's just fandom rumblings?) of him playing a lead character in the next "The Hunger Games."  Can't recall the character's name, but he had tan skin, green eyes and blondish hair? *shrug*

Michael Fassbender (35)

Holy shit, this guy knocks my socks off...I absolutely adored his performance in "Shame," and maintain that he was robbed of an Oscar nomination, let alone the award itself.  Fassbender is good looking in that naughty way.  In fact, of all the guys mentioned on my list (both parts 1 and 2), he exemplifies this best.  And he has a theme of portraying troubled characters with dark pasts, and would be perfect for something like this.  And he has no trouble with nudity.  What?  Just saying...

Also, I'd love to act with him onscreen.  That's just my PG thoughts, by the way.

Cillian Murphy (36)

While not traditionally good looking, there is something sinister about Cillian Murphy that works.  Could be the eyes and awesome facial construct--not sure.

He seems like a mystery, and if there's anything I've gathered from the "50 Shades" buzz, is that this dude is an enigma and seems to have been born from shadows, and visits there often.  I'd buy Cillian in such a role.

Alexander Skarsgard (36)

Yes, I've finished this round on Mr. Alexander Skarsgard, who I hear "50 Shades" fangirls are also buzzing about.  Someone actually posed this question to Alex at the True Blood panel at this years SDCC, and he said he already played a character with a sex dungeon, and hadn't heard any news or seen any scripts.  In short, he wouldn't be opposed to it, I don't think.  Additionally, I think he could pull it off.

Alex...yeah, he's got the goods.