Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: The Avengers

I saw this movie back when it came out, but I kinda want to see it again.  Preferably in IMAX (screw you, 3D).

It's true--I'd prefer Edward Norton to Mark Ruffalo, I didn't get why a dude with bow and arrows or a chick with a gun would matter, I've never see "Thor," and I was wary of what direction Whedon would go in, given the atrocious Buffy comics, but good lord, did this film rock my socks off!

The action is kick ass, and the Hulk is easily the best avenger of them all, hands down.  The film wasn't too long or too short, fast paced, witty dialogue, and I cannot wait until the sequel (which has to be both penned and directed by Joss like this one).  For realsies.  Oh, and I'm buying this as soon as it comes out!

Go see it if you haven't.


  1. You havent seen THOR?!?!? Omg he is all types of girlyswoon!!!! I had to had go back and rewatch Thor. And only then did i realize who the dude with the bow and arrow was... I mean, seriously? A freakin bow and arrow?? And u have a flyin man in a suit, and big green monster standing next to u? But i havent seen captain america so i was a little lost with his story line, but im gonna rent avengers On Demand tonight while painting Munnys!

  2. I'm still waiting for it to turn up on HBO or something :p Saw him in "Snow White & the Huntsman," though, and I definitely dig Hemsworth. "Captain America" was good. Fell asleep a little bit toward the end, but I like how they set it up. The bow and arrow thing made more sense once I saw the film, but I get what you mean :P