Thursday, August 30, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: America's Next Top Model

I was upset when she did the "short model" season.  I was upset when Janice was gone; I was upset when Nole Marin was gone; I was upset when Adrianne Curry was unofficially stripped from the show as if her win had never happened.

I was really pissed when Angelea was stripped of her win before the season even ended, omg, wtf? I wasted all that time watching for her for that B.S?  But Ms. J?  Mr. J? Gorgeous gorgeous Nigel?!  Gone from the panel?

That I cannot bear.

I have to admit, I've only been half watching ANTM these last few years because it's gotten a bit nuttier as it's gone along [see vid below].  And then there was that whole "season of shorties" thing, which I felt was insulting since tall women are usually put on the back-burner.

Now, if Tyra really wanted to spice things up, and maybe get back some of her old viewers after horribly betraying their trust time and time again over the years, she might want to consider the following: Doing an all plus-size season or doing an all male season or an all minority season (since they aren't bountiful in the industry anyway).  Not this stupid "college" (ugh) stuff or Britain v. U.S. stuff.  Cause seriously, who gives a crap?

Oh yeah, and maybe do an "All Star" judge panel, and include some of the old favorites she's booted from the show, or hey, even Adrianne!  I'd watch again for any of the changes mentioned.



  1. Couldn't agree more. The show is so boring now.

  2. Thanks for the comment girl! And yeah, I wonder what her ratings are looking like...I can't think of anyone who watches anymore.