Friday, August 3, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Chris Hemsworth

Anyone with eyes can see that Chris Hemsworth  has great genetics.  He is aesthetically pleasing both in the face as well as below the neck.

That being said, I've only see him in three films--first, "Cabin in the Woods," and I definitely saw the "hot" factor (him and Jesse Williams?  Yum...), "The Avengers," and...not gonna lie, Thor doesn't really do it for me (though I love the look up above with the neat ponytail).  There really wasn't too much eye candy in that film in my opinion.  Maybe it was the costumes?  Not sure.  But what makes it weird is that I found him most hot in "Snow White & the Huntsman," where he looked greasy, dirty, and totally unkempt.

After giving it some thought, I think this may be due to what I shall lovingly called "The Jack Sparrow Factor"--dirty looking guy on screen who probably would have awful B.O. in real life looking hot with a capital H on screen.  Plus, he was wielding an axe and kicking ass.

I want there to be a film on just the Huntsman as a prequel or sequel. Sorry, Snow White.


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