Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Fangirl Time Capsule

I was doing some belated spring cleaning yesterday, and found a box with all of my initial fangirl stuff.  Heh, maybe I should have called this post "beginnings of a fangirl."

It was like stepping back into the 90s--there were cassette tapes of Usher (I just want to take it nice and...slow.  Actually "You Make Me Wanna" kind of drove me crazy...) and the Spice Girls (ah, say you'll be there! Loved their music, but man, even at age twelve, did I think that movie was stupid...Oh, and I was a total Posh girl), a ton of Backstreet Boys Millennium posters (I remember getting the album the same day it came out, and my cousin and I tried to sync up a listening party over the phone.  And Kevin was my favorite!  Well, to look at.  Didn't care for his singing voice)...

N*SYNC (I was torn between JC and Justin), Ryan Phillippe (swoon--my love for him knew no bounds), Lil Wayne, Will Smith, The Rock and Freddie Prinze Jr. (until I saw "She's All That." He looked so skinny and lame in that movie, ugh).

Growing up, I had a wall dedicated to Usher, one to the Rock, one to Eminem, one to Spike, and a wall of random.  Yeah, that Usher wall was the first to be replaced.

Not gonna lie--I was hard pressed to throw all of it out, and kept the stuff in particularly good condition, and put it back in my K-Swiss shoe box.

Ah.  Memories.


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