Sunday, August 19, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: MasterChef

I am a HUGE fan of Gordon Ramsay and MasterChef.

I have to say that this season of MasterChef, however, has been most exciting and most infuriating.  Initially, I was rooting for the smug "Flavor Elevator" Ryan Umane and the incredibly tall Josh Marks.  Sadly, Ryan was booted off prematurely, falling on the knife for his untalented friend Tali Clavijo.  Josh too was booted off a few weeks later.

But then there was a seasoned (heh, pun) twist, they brought back those two guys (and others) for a chef-off to get back in the game.  Of course, these two were the final two, being the most talented in the bunch, and faced-off for a fruit tart.  Josh won.

I was sad to see Ryan leave once again (I would have loved for those two to battle in the final!), but Josh won, fair and square, and he is scaring the pants off of the remaining contestants.

I cannot wait for the final, and to see Josh keep his apron.  Gordon's taken a shine to him, and so has many of MasterChef's viewers.



  1. thumbs ups for Josh and Christine for making the final cut!!!

  2. YES! And I totally called that in my follow up entry on MasterChef. Can't wait to see Josh win!

    Thanks for reading and commenting :)