Sunday, August 12, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Wizard World Chicago Day 2 and 3

As what happens so often at a con, the days begin to bleed together.  So, here are some bullet points of what I recall...

*Sam Trammel is terribly sweet with soft hands.  H said he wasn't allowed to do video there, but if one of the con people wasn't next to him, I think he would have done it.  Shame I didn't run into him on the street or something.

*Norman Reedus is also ridiculously sweet.  I think we waited in that line for about ninety minutes because he took time to talk to his fans.  He also offered a free photo (with your own camera) with any purchase at his table.

*Dean Cain--I didn't talk to him, but I saw him from a distance.  Growing up, I watched Lois & Clark, and I have to say he looks much better now with some age on him.  He seemed friendly; I may say hello to him tomorrow.

*Luke Perry--While waiting in line for Norman Reedus, I and to literally crawl under a pole (because the line was divided with poles and not ropes that you could unhook) to get out of the line briefly, for I was going to say hello to him (love Pike!).  And as soon as I do all of that bending and crawling, I see that he left his table.  Perhaps I'll get to see him tomorrow too....

*James Marsters--saw his Q&A, which was cool.  Some different questions, but I only got to record my question to him.

*Amy Acker--Man, she is so Fred.  She is just the loveliest, bubbliest, kindest person on the planet.  I totally unexpectedly geeked out over meeting her.  I wish I hadn't run out of money so that I could have gotten her to sign a photo.  Perhaps next time.

*Juliette Landau--Didn't get to meet her, but saw her at her table and at dinner last night.  She looks exactly the same.  Like, exactly.

*CM Punk--his line was beyond ridiculous, but I saw him from a distance, and he still looked damn good.  Maybe I can see him today!


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