Thursday, August 23, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Robert Pattinson

So, I've only seen like, ten minutes of the first "Twilight" film, and it's really not my cuppa...Although I do plan to do a marathon watch of all four films soonish/before the next one comes out and will blog about it.


Anyway, I was trying to get to Rob Pattinson.  From what I've seen of the character he's known for, I wasn't impressed.  And then I found this site. It seems mostly down now, but it had some interesting stuff, like the following: 

Reading through some of his quotes and seeing a few vids of him, I found the guy kind of adorable.  I guess Edward Cullen (again, what I know of him) kind of tricked me into thinking he's a dullard with shovel face syndrome.  But no, I was wrong at first glance.

He's quite handsome and quite interesting and apparently, now single.  So now I must come no one's wanted him to play Christian Grey?  Is there a stark contrast between that character and Edward, or are they more or less the same (sans red room, naturally).

Oh boy, I cannot wait for my post on that book series and this film series.  Can't read the Twilight novels, though.  Read the first two pages before, and I just can't.


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