Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Joss Whedon's The Avengers 2

It's official--

Joss Whedon is not only signed on to do "The Avengers 2," but will also create a Marvel-based series for ABC.

As a longtime fan of Whedon, I'm super glad he's officially left behind his cult status and is now in the super stardom stratosphere.

But here are some other things I'd like to see:

*For Whedon to handle all of The Avengers individual character films from here on out (sorry guys, but "Iron Man 2" kinda sucked)

*For Whedon to take the "canon status" off of the Buffy and Angel comics, and just do a film for each respectively.  Moreso Angel than the former, and with original cast.

*To see more Buffy/Angel alum in said films, and make obscure references that only cult fans will understand.

And yes, this is all because of the geek in me, and I cannot wait for "Avengers 2."  The standalones films...I'm not terribly excited about, unless Whedon's name is attached.  Ponyboy, your name is golden.


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