Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Josh Marks for the win!

Last night was another riveting ep of MasterChef, and I have to tell you, I was so hoping Josh would go head to head with Frank and kick his ass.

And then I saw the challenge--not one but three Soufflés--one cheddar for Gordon, one chocolate for Graham, and one raspberry for Joe.  I've never made one of those, but I've seen how hard it is to make one.

I was worried for Josh, like the Judges were, for he had gotten his in the oven a tad later than Frank.

But what was I thinking?  This is Josh for crying out loud!  His Soufflés were perfection--and I knew he had won once I saw Joe's fluffy spoonful of raspberry.

Josh took a risk using actual raspberries and it paid off.

I can't wait until Becky is eliminated next week, and Josh and Christine go head to head, and he crushes her too.

Josh for the WIN!!



  1. Ha! Josh for the win? Christine could win just as likely, because this is a very unpredictable competition since we don’t know what they will have to cook. Mistakes can happen to anyone, which is why this show is so great to watch, including how the judges will decide. (Arbitrary?) My Dish coworker started coming over ever since I realized we can watch commercial free with Auto Hop on PrimeTime Anytime recordings. That way we can get in another show and finish in nearly the same amount of time with commercials.

  2. When Christine turns out three damn near perfect Soufflés at once, then I'll consider her. Until then, in my opinion, Josh has got this in the bag.