Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Diary of a Fangirl: Jon Bernthal Fangirl Promo

The Walking Dead is [another] show I've heard wonderful things about, but have yet to see.  I have to say that after seeing and meeting Jon Bernthal, I may be a bit quicker to start on my TWD marathon.

At Wizard World Chicago this past weekend, Jon, accompanied by his two and too cute pit bulls, was on stage for The Walking Dead panel all on by his lonesome.  Apparently he's no longer on the series, but has some great projects on the horizon.

I found him to be incredibly charming and funny.  Also interesting.  Because of his stage presence, it made me intrigued to see more of his acting.  That was the last panel I saw that day, and I'm happy that I bothered to go.

With only twenty minutes to go, Jon got a phone call from Norman Reedus, and immediately put his phone to the mic.

"What are you doing, fucker?" we heard Norman say to Jon.  They had a quick conversation, and Norman said he was on his way.  I'm glad he came as well, cause those two were too cute.

They greeted each other with a hug and a kiss, and you could see the genuine friendship between those two, and the great respect they had for each other as actors.  I really can't wait to see their chemistry on-screen.

And for a closing note, Jon was kind of enough to answer a question for me :


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